What Causes Low Oil Pressure?

Did you know that your engine oil can experience low pressure? If you ever experience this, the smooth, comfortable ride that you're used to is no longer in the picture. Low-pressure oil directly affects your motor and can lead to expensive repairs if neglected. You may be wondering, "What can cause this to happen in the first place".

  • Low oil level is the most common cause of low pressure. The more you drive, the more oil gets used up. When your oil is getting low, the pressure will drop. 
  • Old motor oil can also cause low pressure in your car's engine. Over time, the oil will lose its viscosity and overall effectiveness.
  • Worn bearings and valves can also cause oil to leak, causing pressure to drop.

How Does It Affect My Engine?

  • You may find it challenging to start your engine as a result of low oil pressure. 
  • You may also see reduced performance and loss in power while accelerating. 
  • You might hear random, rattling noises coming from under the hood while you drive. The more persistent these sounds come, the more damage your engine may sustain.
  • Your car may also be susceptible to overheat, causing you to break down. As the motor oil becomes less and less effective, it won't be able to combat the hot engine temperatures. 

The oil pressure warning light may come up on your dashboard to signal you of the low pressure. As soon as you see it lit up, it would be best if you took it to Open Road Automotive immediately. Besides the warning light, it can be tough to catch issues like this early on. But you do have the power to prevent them from happening with regular maintenance. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our expert team at Open Road Automotive for all your automotive needs. Feel free to give us a call or visit our shop in Round Rock, TX, today.

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