How Do I Know Which Fuel Is Best For My Car?

With so many fuel options nowadays, inexperienced drivers or drivers with a new car can get lost. How do you know which fuel to use for your vehicle? Should you go with the cheapest option? Or the most expensive (cause it's probably the best, right?)? Read on to find the answers to these questions.


All combustion engines need some sort of fuel to be injected into their motor to move their vehicle. The combustion engine relies on air, fuel, and ignition model to operate. If one of these elements is incorrect or unbalanced, it can throw off the entire operation and prevent you from driving at all. Each vehicle's make and model has a fuel recommended fuel type (and octane level) suitable with the engine specification. The automaker usually sets the recommendations, and they can be found in the owner's manual and on a sticker near the fill-up spot.


There are so many different types of fuel for today's vehicles. Using the wrong kind of gasoline can lead to engine damage in severe cases. That is why choosing the correct fuel source for your car is very important. Before you fuel up your vehicle, you need to know which fuel pump to use. 


What Is Octane and Which Octane Gas Should I Use?

It is not about getting the highest octane but the one that your manufacturer recommends when it comes to gas-powered vehicles. Octane rating measures its resistance against engine knocking. It would help if you always used at least the minimum octane rating recommended by your automaker. The range for octane levels includes regular, 87 octane, premium fuel which is 91 or 93, and midgrade, which is somewhere in the middle, often set at 89. 


To figure out what's best for your vehicle, please remember to double-check with the owner's manual. Some cars will run better with premium, while others will not. Our professional auto technicians at Open Road Automotive & Tire suggest using the gas best suitable for your car and not spending any more than you have to. 


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