Correct These Bad Driving Habits Before It's Too Late

Whether it's biting your fingernails, binge-watching Netflix, or forgetting to text back, most have a fair share of bad habits. However, you have to be particularly careful about practices that take place behind the wheel. Most people don't recognize that something is wrong because it becomes second nature to them. However, you should always make an effort to correct your bad habits, especially when driving. Cutting back on horrible practices can minimize your chances of getting into an accident. If you commute to work or school every day, remember to practice safe driving and focus entirely on the road.



  • Talking excessively to passengers
  • Talking or texting on your phone*
  • Driving with your headphones on*
  • Eating or drinking (non-alcoholic) beverages 
  • Drive with one hand
  • Not signaling when switching lanes, parking, or making turns
  • Riding the other cars' tail*
  • Not wearing your seatbelt*
  • Speeding*
  • Ramming over potholes and speed bumps
  • Not using your parking brake
  • Disregarding dashboard warning lights

Most motorists are liable for doing atleast one of these at one point or another. The next time you get behind the wheel, try to be aware of your actions. About half of the practices we stated above are illegal in most states. Not only will you be preventing expensive accidents and repair costs, but you can avoid a ticket too. 


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