5 Critical Signs of Clutch Problems

Your vehicle's clutch is responsible for transferring an engine's rotational momentum to the transmission and onto your wheels. Without the proper grip, the only way to stop the engine from spinning your car's wheels is to turn the vehicle off. Clutches also aid in gear changes in both manual and automatic transmissions. With all that being said, a malfunctioning clutch makes it very challenging to drive. If you own a vehicle with a manual transmission, there are many indications to look for if you have clutch problems. Clutch replacement can be expensive, complex, and time-consuming. Early diagnosis of clutch issues will save you from the headache and stress. 



Your clutch will eventually wear out over time, but you can prolong the repair process for as long as possible. A clutch replacement entails taking out your whole transmission. Depending on your vehicle, it may also need engine hoisting. Here are five symptoms that indicate that your clutch is worn out.


Soft Clutch

Your clutch should be firm when you press the pedal. In other words, you should feel some resistance when you push down. If your pedal feels loose or too cushiony, this may be a sign that you need a replacement as soon as possible.


Trouble with Accelerating

If you get your car in high gear but your vehicle doesn't thrust to the appropriate speed, you may be facing a slipping clutch. High engine revs and no acceleration indicate that your clutch is having difficulty gripping the flywheel and pressure plate, making it hard for the engine to transfer power to your transmission.


Difficulty Shifting Gears

Gear shifts on a manual transmission should be smooth and effortless. Difficulty in shifting to other gears can prevent you from driving your vehicle altogether. It may also mean that you have a worn-out clutch, so bring your car into Open Road Automotive to be sure.


Burning Smell

Is there a burning paper smell when you operate your car? This foul burnt smell from your clutch can happen if you ride your clutch in traffic or drive your car aggressively. The scent indicates that your clutches are overheating. If the component doesn't cool down, you are in for clutch trouble.


Unusual Noises

When you hear strange sounds when you release your pedal, you may have a problem with your release mechanism. The noise can sometimes be described as scraping, squealing and thudding sounds. In this instance, the release bearing or pilot crankshaft bearing may be worn down and needs replacement. 


We recommend you bring your car to Open Road Automotive to get a complete inspection and advice on the next steps. Don't put yourself at risk on the road. Give us a call or visit our shop today!

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